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Evgeniy Finadeev

Born on January 28, 1978.

For the first time Zhenya appeared on the stage at the age of 7 as part of the Khoroshki folk group at the Yubileiny recreation center (Nizhny Tagil). Later he took part in children's pop group, studied at music school and created "Minus Day" show-studio. In 2010 he graduated from the Ekaterinburg Theater Institute (master: S.V. Fedorov and G.N. Umpeleva), in 2012 - the Institute of Contemporary Art (master: N.S. Chekhetiani) with a degree in pop-jazz vocal. In 2017 Evgeny created a unique multi-genre project “FinadeEV” as the result of a long search for himself. In 2018 Eugene accepts an invitation to join Doctor Watson team.

He is a singer who works in the genre of pop-lyrical song; a poet who managed to release two collections of poems and nominated for prestigious awards and prizes; an actor who has played many roles in films, theater productions and musicals. In other words Eugeny reach out for creativity in all forms!

He gives the lion's share of time and energy to projects designed for young viewers. Evgeny says: “For me life is an absolute fairy tale. That is why playing in children’s performances is a special pleasure and magic and cannot be compared with any other work!”.

In Triumph Evgeny plays Behemoth Chocolate in the pop-circus show "Funtik", Donkey - in "The Town Musicians of Bremen ", Prince Guidon - in "Lukomorye". Today Eugeny plays the role of the Good Wizard in the National Musical “Lukomorye” and Prince Vladimir and the King of Ice - in the 3D-mapping musical “Chernomor”.


Current roles in Production Center Triumph:

Old Man - Borovichok
Prince Vladimir / King of Ice

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